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Nov 20, 2007
Anattitude and Catfight Magazine are investigating the involvement of females in hiphop. For this project Catfight is working on a Women in Graffiti - timeline for next Anattitude Magazine issue (#03/2008). If you know any tagnames or have pics of tags and pieces done by females in your neighbourhood (or anywhere else) between 1970-2000, also the dates (the years where these girls were most aktive/where they come from/ anything special) - please mail us: bitchesincontrol [at] or jee-nice [at]

Important: Do forward this message to everyone who can support our search! This might be the only chance to really get an overview of the ladies that are/were active in graffiti, and define our place in the history of graff!


Nov 18, 2007
The Queen of DISS: Rox Shanté!
Found the most famous beef battle over ages on video! So cool, Rox in "Roxanne's Revenge"!


Nov 17, 2007
Just found this site and love it!
Find best b-sides on B-Side wins again!

TOP PRE - 1990

Nov 16, 2007
Check out the Top Pre - 1990 Female Rap Songs on Fat Lace.
If you still don't know these classics from Lyte to Sparky, from Latifah to Dimples D, its a must! They didn't mention all our important ladies, but its a beginning!


Oct 18, 2007
After doing this wonderful hommage tee to Shanté, Lyte, Antoinette and Sparky D Karen from "Not Bad For A Girl" did the next tee series dedicating The Cookie Crew. And not enough, she took the chance to speak to one half of London's famous oldschool crew!
Enjoy the interview on NBFAG and get a fresh tee!


Oct 18, 2005
If you are in Berlin these days don't miss the Rhythm of the Line Festival and especially these two films:

Counting Headz: "A joyful celebration of today’s South Africa. Three women in South Africa’s emerging hip hop scene share their struggles and victories in their journey to remain true to their culture, sexuality and family expectations."(ROTL) - 2006, EN, South Africa, 49min, Vusi Magubane & Erin Offer
12.10.2007 18:00 Uhr

Keep hanging on your dreams: "It is a story about 4 Hip Hop girls specialized in a different field of Hip Hop. They speak about their position as woman-artists in the movement. This documentary relates their career from the beginning to the fulfilment of their ambition. The B-girls go back over their first passion, their work the critics, the support and their always-renewed motivation."(ROTL) - 2005, Fr (OmU), France, 45min, Keira Maameri
12.10.2007 20:00 Uhr

where: EISZEIT Kino, Zeughofstr. 20, 10997 Berlin


Sep 11, 2007
Voilà, some pics from Paris Block Party last sunday with DHHAM de coeur, Hayette, DeeNasty, DJ Pom,...! The Blockparty organized by RStyle and others once a year is one of Paris best Hip Hop event!! Thanx again to Hayette and François of RStyle, merci !


Sep 5, 2007
"Yey! It’s here! The new Catfight is totally filled with females representing their skillz in hiphop, art and graffiti.

Some highlights:
- Event report of the ConceGraff Fem07
- Interviews with: Fefe Talevera, Jee-Nice
- New Media: Bombshell - Sticker City - Anattitude #2
- Expo’s by: Swoon - Ephameron - Koralie"

Download the new Issue!


Sep 4, 2007
Check out the german MCs Sookee, Pyranja, Fiva MC, and Quio talking about rap, also Hannah Kopietz from germans B-Girl Crew Dirty Mamas talking about their several B-Girl projects in the past and future. Also appearing the Interview done by Stef the Cat with Lady Scar and interviews with DJ Dirty Daniela and Theory by famous Gwendolyn D. Pough translated, Solveig Lüdtke, Annett Busch about the african MCs Alif and Godessa ... Diedrich Diederichsen talking about Tomboys and Divas, Tim Stüttgen about homophobic HipHop, and me myself and I about Hip Hop Kingz!
Check also the presentation of Mädchen feiern Sprechgesang (MFS) and dj T-Ina....and the Women in Hip Hop Timeline by me myself and I.
For all the forgotten, here the complete content:

- C. Völker & K.Menrath "Rap-Models"
- Sookee "Sookee ist Quing"
- K. Leibniz "Inszenierung von Weiblichkeit"
- G. D.Pough "Kritik der Liebe"
- Fiva "Erster Schritt"
- D. Diederichsen "Diva und Tomboy"
- J. Petri "strike a pose - be a king"
- Quio "can't mingle with them"
- Dirty Daniela "Disconnect"
- H. Kopietz "Dirty Mamas Crew"
- T. Stüttgen "Homo(phob) HipHop"
- MFS "Mädchen feiern Sprechgesang"
- Stef the Cat Interview mit Lady Scar
- J. Manzke "Wenn Mädchen den Arschficksong und FickeDeineMutterSlang feiern"
- M. Hartwig "Northern Soul: Joy Denalanes HipHop"
- R. Deloney "Moody Blu: A piece in the three movements"
- A. Busch "To drop education"
- dj d-ina darling "Femmes with Fatal Breaks"
- Pyranja "Ohne Wenn und Aber"
- S. Lüdtke "It's a She Thang"
- J. Petri "Here's a little Story - Timeline"

"female hiphop - Realness, Roots und Rap Models", (Hg.) Anjela Schischmanjan, Michaela Wünsch, Ventil Verlag, 12,90 Eur


Jun 15, 2007
"B-Girl Be is an annual summit and series of events, workshops, exhibits, and performances that celebrate women in hip-hop.The mission of B-Girl Be is to influence and inspire leadership to change the perceptions and roles of women in hip-hop for current and future generations.

B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop
Exhibition: June 21 - September 9, 2007
Summit: June 28 - July 1, 2007

On June 28, 2007 B-Girl Be kicks off with the B-Girl Be Summit, a multidisciplinary summit that brings international, national and local girls and women in hip-hop together in Minneapolis for dialogues, art-making, screenings, performances, workshops and networking opportunities. This four-day summit showcases women through live performances, exhibition art, fashion, films, videos, workshops and discussion ciphers.

The summit features national and international guests aerosol artists Lady Pink (NYC), ZORI4 (Puerto Rico); spoken word artist Ursula Rucker (Philadelphia), lyricists Magia Emcee (Cuba), Sistaz in Rhyme (Stacy Epps, Invincible and Bahamadia), main stage host Medusa, (LA); DJ Shortee (LA) and DJ Pam the Funkstress (San Francisco); B-Girls Rokafella (NYC), Aruna (Holland), and Aiko (CA); keynote speaker Rosa Clemente (NYC); and photojournalist/historian Martha Cooper, who will all perform, present and engage in discussion ciphers and workshops alongside local Twin Cities artists." (B-Girl Be)

Warch out the full programme


Feb 27, 2007
Remember the chilly west-coast anthem "Something To Ride To (Fonky Expedition)"?
Yo, Special One and CMG a.k.a. TCD are still in the game! Holla at them! After dropping two albums "Ear To The Street" (1993) and "Gamers" (1996) one of the oldest female hardcore gansta rap duo is still doing their thang. At the moment they are hard working in the studio with Paris recording the new album "The Nutcracker Suite", which will be dropped late summer on Guerrilla Funk/EMI. So open your eyes for these two legendary spittaz! In the meantime watch out for their latest guest appearance "Hard Truth Soldiers" on last Public Enemy album "Rebirth Of A Nation" (Guerrilla Funk/EMI). And on that same album also Sister Souljah...yo this dope lady is also back, so open your ears for the "Hard Rhymin'"!


Feb 26, 2007
Wow, Anattitude Magazine is no longer alone!
Ladies and gentlemen, I like to present you two more female Hip Hop mags, big up for these Ladies...doing their shit!

1. graffmagazine Catfight, based in the Netherlands. Catfight shows all aspects of graffiti and comes out via pdf 4 times per year, since april 2005. Get your own Catfight, there are already five issues. The sixth issue will be a Catfight colabo with the dutch graffmagazine Upperclasz, so don't miss this printversion!
2. Wahmagazine comes from London. Its a printed fanzine for girls who like hiphop, sneakers, getting their nails done, puffa jackets, painting walls, making money...and all girls of the world who are doin' it! Yeahhh! Get your Wah via pdf and check out their third issue coming out soon! Check also their Wahappenings!!


Feb 26, 2007
For the third time! B-Girl Be!

Call for Exhibition Artists! Intermedia Arts presents B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop. Deadline for Work Samples and Application Submissions: Friday, March 30, 2007 B-Girl Be, Intermedia Arts’ annual celebration of women in hip-hop, is seeking submissions from female visual artists whose work demonstrates involvement in and knowledge of hip-hop culture. This year’s B-Girl Be gallery exhibition, The Art of T&A: Truth and Activism, will be a multi-disciplinary, cutting edge exhibition that highlights the distinct aesthetics of hip-hop.

B-Girl Be Summit, June 28 - July 1, 2007 - B-Girl Be Visual Art Exhibition, June 21 - August 11, 2007

Intermedia Arts Gallery, 2822 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 55408
Further Infos on Intermedia Art Site.


Feb 25, 2007
Brand new site by graffiti writer Rosy One and Dope Pose Posse dedicated to the most important element of Hiphop culture: Posing. So get on your nice Cazals, Goldchains, Fat Laces, Boomboxes, Shell Toe Adidas, Kangol Hats, Pro Keds,..... and strike the dopest pose you can! Then send your dope pic to and win the official dopeposer tee.


Jan 10, 2007
Check out London's amazing graphic designer Karen Jane and her fashion label Not Bad For A Girl - Strictly for the Supafemales! Go there and buy nice hoodies and tees. Have a special look on the hommage tee to the ladies back in the days: Rox, Antoinette, MC Lyte and Sparky Dee.


Jan 9, 2007
After some 12's, New Orleans Emcee Voice dropped her debut album "Gumbo" on Featherperm/PTR Records. Her jazzy style is a must have for all you out there! Hear the Snippet and get more infos about this nice Lady.


Jan 9, 2007
Finally La Melodia's debut album "Vibing High" is out! Unfortunately it's released exclusively in Japan on Handcut Records, but there will be also a release in Europe this year. So in the meantime go to your local recorddealer and be happy with her new tracks "Desire" and "Keep It On" on 12" vinyl! And hear Melodee's wonderful oldschool track "Get Ready To This" and others here.

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