Issue One Invincible 2/8
production. There is also a woman by the name of Njeri Earth that I work with in Detroit. And another woman in New York - Jean Grae whom, I am sure, you have heard of that I met through Anomolies and we came up doing shows together over the years. That is just a small handful people that I work with. But in Detroit there is an endless number of people, who are immensely talented that I am dying to work with. So the list goes on and on, there is an MC by the name of Finale that I work with on a regular basis plus a whole slew of producers that I`ll hopefully be working with for the EP. For the full length I will be working specifically with Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers and Bling 47 on the majority of the production.

On what label is that going to come out?

At this point in time it is going to come out independently. Both of those projects, and so I know with the album I have got a partner, Bling 47, which is Waajeeds independent label. Basically between my solo stuff, Anomolies and a lot of community work that we are doing in Detroit through Detroit Summer. We are building a community media center called Loud and Clear, making Detroits youth voices louder and clearer thru the power of independent media.

What kind of work do you do there? Do you do rap workshops? - Anattitude Magazine * Issue One