Issue One Invincible 1/8
Stef the Cat met Invincible after the Platinum Pied Piper show at Café Moskau in Berlin, 6th of May 2005. At that time Stef didn't know that I'm a fan of her since I saw her (with her crew Anomolies) rappin' in Miss M.C.'s documentary "Queens Of Hip Hop" (2003). Thanks & enjoy!

Introduce yourself. What do you do? Who are you?

I am Invincible, I work with Platinum Pied Pipers out of Detroit and also with my crew called Anomolies out of New York. I am also working on my own projects.

What are your own projects that you are working on at the moment?

I am working on an EP as well as a full-length album to follow that.

Who are you working with?

I am working with numerous producers out of New York and Detroit, specifically a crew out of Detroit called Lab Techs. In New York, I am a part of an all female Hip Hop collective called the ANOMOLIES crew. (No More Lies), but we spell it differently. It stands for no more misrepresentation of women in Hip Hop. Anomolies is composed of Kuttin Kandy, Pri the Honey Dark, Helixx and Big Tara. Anomolies also has inhouse - Anattitude Magazine * Issue One