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Women in Hiphop Timeline 1973-2008
Queen Kenya, known as the first female MC and associates with Afrika Bambaataa, inspired later MCs like Queen Latifah, Queen Pen and Queen Mother Rage with the title “Queen” in her MC name.
High school girl Sharon Jackson becomes the MC pioneer Sha Rock and the first female member in a rap crew - the newly founded Funky 4 + 1..
The first all-female-MC-and-DJ-crew, The Mercedes Ladies, is built up in the South Bronx consisting of 3 MCs and 3 DJs: MCs Zina-Zee, Eva-Def, Sherrie Sher and DJs Baby-D, La Spank and RD Smiley.
“Vicious Rap” by the sisters Paulette Tee and Tanya “Sweet Tee” Winley is the first female rap to be brought on wax. - Here's a little story...timeline