Issue Two - snippet Old school - Make History!
French rap is unique. Since it’s very beginning its lyrics are more politically committed and more involved than in other western countries. American rap conditions can hardly be compared with the situation in France, neither with respect to glorification of violence nor in what concerns disrespect of women. But the French Hip Hop market is one of largest after the US. French rap comes, not to the smallest degree, from the mouth of the third generation of former immigrants, formally French citizens, but effectively discriminated in their own country. If this is one reason why French rap is special, the other is certainly the Chanson. Outstanding oral culture of the “Great Nation”, it provides a common point of reference for artists and fans, be it with affirmative or with critical attitude. French lyrics recall the history of French colonialism and its outcome and talk about the life in the suburbs. They may fight a right wing government or denounce police violence and the dysfunctions of the justice system. Rap reacts on political events and social nuisances. Rap claims the equal application of law, justice and respect. Rather in the tradition of committed Chansons, French rap calls to change things, not to give up but to get involved. - Anattitude Magazine * Issue Two