Anattitude Magazine * Issue Two
Issue Two - snippet KIN
I am observing KIN on the internet since quite a long time, because of their nice gender- and rapstyle. Just asked them if we could do an interview via email, they spontaniously said yes, and so we did. I proudly present the ladies from overseas - Mt. Vernon/New York.

Please, present yourself!

NOR: My name is Nor which means The Light in Arabic.
IQ: ... and my name is IQ aka Smarter than You… self explanatory.

KIN, the name of your crew, what does it stand for?

KIN stands for the actual dictionary meaning of family. Nor and IQ are sisters. We grew up together in the same town went to the same elementary school and high school. Although we are not blood we feel our version of family is even stronger. One of our favorite quotes are: “he who understands you is greater kin to you than your own brother. For even your own kindred may neither understand you nor know your worth”. KIN is not the name of our crew, it’s the name of the group itself. So only Nor and IQ belong to KIN. Noriq as a movement encompasses our label and our fans.

Photograph by Rowena Husbands - Anattitude Magazine * Issue Two