Issue One La Melodia 3/6
you know first say harder because I’m from Holland, but what helps me of is that I’m traveling with these artists from the states, so maybe, but I don’t really experienced it like that. Of course it’s so that you know I’m from Holland, so Holland is a very small country, if you wanna go overseas, you gotta at first rap in English and then you also gotta to take care of your promotion, you know, so if I just stay in Holland, no one will know me.

Are there any other female MCs out there?

In the past there has never been a lot female MCs in Holland. Up till 2 years ago I only knew of 3 other femcees. Right now there are more female MCs in Holland. I found that out especially last year when DLQ (Dutch female mc) set up a female MC tour through Holland. On this tour about 8 or 9 female MCs participated. That was dope because every girl has her own style. Unfortunately there are no other females who are busy with putting anything out on vinyl and only two girls are doing her own show: DLQ and Bad Brya.

Melodee, how did you start rappin'? Have you had a personal hiphop experience, where you get mad about? And did you battle on jams?

Even as a young girl I would rhyme because I liked to play - Anattitude Magazine * Issue One