Issue One La Melodia 1/6
MC Melodee and the DJ and producer I.N.T. are La Melodia from Amsterdam, Holland. After performing on February 18 at Kindred Spirits Special with the Digable Planets at the Paradiso in Amsterdam La Melodia later joined with Oh No, Wildchild, Percee P, Rocc C and DJ Romes on the Stones Throw Disrupt Massacre Tour throughout Europe from February 25 to March 21. I met MC Melodee and I.N.T. at V8 in Durmersheim, near Karlsruhe on March 14. Two days later we met again in Cologne. I was surprised how young they are and how nice and professional they work. Before the show started I was able to do a short interview with them.

At first I thought you come from England because of your nice English rap style. So where do you come from?

Yeah, well originally I’m from Eindhoven that’s a place in the southern part of Holland, but I moved to Amsterdam four years ago.

Do you rhyme in the Dutch language?

No, I started out rappin’ in English in ‘97 and then after two years I did a Dutch project with Terilekst, also a guy from Holland and I tried it out for a while, but I decided that English, is still even better. - Anattitude Magazine * Issue One